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At what point are you able to retire a word?

10 Ways to Digitally Market Your New Digital Camera in the Digital Age!

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it?

Historically, we used the word “digital” to differentiate and identify a growing subset of products and technologies that were undergoing a digital transition. We lived in an analog world, and newly emerging digital products clearly warranted the naming distinction. Now, however, every part of our lives is digitized. So why are we still making the distinction?

You’re not a digital marketer, you’re a marketer. It’s not a digital camera, it’s a camera. Our analog counterparts now warrant the naming distinction more than anything else. You use a film camera, you work for a traditional marketing agency, you only wear analog watches (I think I’m accidentally describing Mad Men now).

Anyway, the word digital feels as antiquated as the word cyber. Can we please let it go?

PS Thank you for reading my digital journal.



  • Zachary says:

    Using my digital phone to comment on this digital post.

  • Avia says:

    While I totally get what you’re saying, I feel like this is distilling it down a bit too much. There is value and respect in keeping the “digital” distinction, even just to acknowledge the heritage from the “analog” counterpart. In addition, this analog vs digital distinction is still quite important to convey more specific information. You can be a digital electronics engineer or an analog electronics engineer (or RF or power systems or EMC/SI or instrumentation…) but just “electronics engineer” is definitely losing out on some information

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