“No one can ever see this.” – A lawyer, probably

“Why would you do that?” – My girlfriend

“This is so stupid, I have to do it. Right?” – Me


It’s Friday afternoon and the 5 + 8 team has just gotten word of a new Warhol exhibit down the street. Everyone looks at each other a bit confused… “Warhol? Is he even still relevant?” sarcastically ponders the guy in the corner that would sarcastically ponder such a thing. “Of course he’s still relevant!” shouts the Art History major from down the hall. An artistic scuffle breaks out and team members begin shouting about the inherent irrelevancy of pop art in a postmodernist society.

Adam (the guy seemingly in charge of undoing whatever it is that is happening), calms the room and promises everyone free oat milk lattes if they can just agree to disagree. “It’s settled then, we’ll go to the stupid exhibit, and we’ll grab our coffee on the way.”

They have their tickets.

Elapsed Project Time: 6 hours.

Custom vectors (everything is a vector), fake ticket, text bubbles, “ad copy” (nonsense), colors (their #ef2c27 + Warhol’s), custom CSS + mobile work, sneaky use of Neue Hass Grotesk, layout, etc. Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sublime Text.

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